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"Where your home design is more than just drawing walls"

Remodeling and Home Design

My Completed Construction Plans includes:

Main Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan (if needed)
Four elevation views (rendered)
Basement/Foundation Plan
Electrical Plan

Window and Door Schedules
Major Details and Sections

Other plans at additional cost:
Kitchen Details
Bath Details
Roof Plan
Plumbing Plan

Framing Plan

What you will get with MTLdesgns,

You will get one-on-one service.  No job folder created, being passed around a big office from one Jr. draftsperson to another.  This is your dream, your home, and that communication of what you want will be lost when more than one person is involved.  I will be involved beginning to end. 

My plans are complete using a true architectural modeling program.  A “virtual building plan” (aka B.I.M; Building Information Modeling).  Old-fashion building design relied largely on two-dimensional technical drawings (plans, elevations, sections, etc.) all done separately, without any drawing intelligence.  Building information modeling extends this beyond 3D, expanding the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) with time as the fourth dimension (4D) and cost as the fifth (5D). BIM therefore covers more than just geometry. It also covers spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components.  This is why before the first nail is even hammered, you can do a visual walk thru of your house and critique it 100%, making sure every room is exactly how you want it, down to the colors, light patterns, material types and flow.

Sounds expensive?  It's not.  First, because of the software's intelligence.  You draw four walls, the elevations are automatic, the material list is automatic, the roof lines and foundation lines are automatic.  In a 2D world, all these things are drawn separately, and if you change anything in the old-fashion way, every detail and view has to be manually changed also.  With my program, all changes are automatic.  SO in essence, TIME saved = $$ saved.  See my 4 1/2 minute example of a garage design below.  In the 2D world this is an hour worth of work.  And this doesn't even include the schedules, material List.. again all automatic with BIM software.

I also am a expert user of any Autodesk (Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, Navisworks) software, if you already have plans that just need to be revised or updated.  

This is an example of a garage being designed with BIM modeling software.  This is a simple example (roughly 4.5 minutes), but compared to a traditional way of design, it is an eye opener.  WORK SMARTER... NOT HARDER.

Look at how easy it is to modify a roof style from hip to gable, then switching the wall the gable is on.  Also the ease of changing wall types from 6" stud/siding to stud and brick then to concrete poured wall.  Foundations and roof planes are automatic.   

Designing Your Dream Home, Office 

and Home Remodeling  Projects